An Energy Provider

Maxine Energy is in the competitive energy business. We develop, construct and operate power plants to produce electricity. We market electricity to wholesale customers and develop the critical infrastructure for power delivery. We also market a variety of energy-related products and services to customers across the country. Equally important, we are dedicated to quality, and we care about the communities where we have facilities.

Maxine Energy Services

A top 10 marketer of U.S. power

  • Reliable power solutions
  • Asset management services
  • Customized renewable energy solutions

Maxine Energy Project Development & Construction

Experienced in developing and constructing power plants and infrastructure

  • Process-driven methodology
  • A focused approach
  • Community-minded

Energy Marketing Services

Maxine Energy Power Marketing is one of the nation’s leading electricity and natural gas marketers and a key player in energy markets in the United States and Canada. Maxine Energy Power Marketing is also responsible for electricity and fuel management for all of Maxine Energy’ generation fleet, which includes the largest renewable energy portfolio in North America. Maxine Energy Power Marketing provides a wide range of electricity and gas commodity products as well as marketing and trading services to electric and gas utilities, municipalities, cooperatives and other load-serving entities, as well as to owners of electric generation facilities. The size and scope of our operations and high creditworthiness, among the strongest anywhere in the industry, allow us to deliver the highest quality products and services to our counterparties products and services that can be relied on day after day, and year after year.

Price Risk Management Solutions

Maxine Energy Power Marketing can provide power and gas-related products to assist with hedging power and gas-related price uncertainty. We can provide clients with purchases or sales of standard or shaped power blocks, energy-related options and asset tolling agreements, or we can customize a power or gas solution to meet your precise needs.

Energy Management Services

Maxine Energy Power Marketing can manage your electric generation facility’s interface with independent system operators, provide fuel procurement services, and manage your daily or “spot” purchase and sale of power, gas and ancillary services. We can also provide you with best-in-class “back office” services.

Structured Products

Maxine Energy Power Marketing can combine elements of each of the products it offers along with additional features, such as volumetric variability, illiquid delivery points, or unique services and pricing features that will best address your needs.

Full Requirements Service

Maxine Energy Power Marketing has the experience and capabilities to supply all of the power, gas and ancillary services needs of your load-serving entity and is a large supplier of full requirements service to electric and gas utilities, municipalities and cooperatives.


Project Development & Construction

For the past two decades, Maxine Energy Resources has been steadily developing, building or acquiring a fleet of power-generating facilities across the country. From a small company in the 1980s to today’s undisputed North American leader in wind energy, our company reflects experience. We have developed a “tried-and-true” method of project development and construction. Standardized processes and procedures ensure consistent, repeatable results from site to site.

Our dedication to quality and continuous improvement also sets us apart from others in the business of project development and construction.

A focused approach

Our Maxine Energy project development and construction team focuses on safety, environmental stewardship, speed to market and quality. Our attention to detail in all these areas results in high reliability and availability once the generating unit is operational.

Community approach

There’s more to building generating facilities than plans and processes. There are people to consider as well. As we plan our project developments and enter the construction phase, we want to be the first – and best – source of information about the project in the community. We share information through:

  • Meetings with landowners, residents and community leaders
  • Open houses and groundbreakings
  • Written materials at the site

Development, operation and management of generation facilities


Maxine Energy also develops, operates and manages electrical generation facilities for others, including providing construction management services necessary for the construction of a project; procurement of the land, labor, materials and equipment necessary to develop, operate and maintain an electrical generation facility; permitting, planning and laying out the electrical generating facility; and operation and maintenance services once an electrical generation facility becomes operational.

Generation repair and service

We also provide maintenance and repair services for wind farms and wind turbines, including parts and components, such as gearboxes (post-construction).